Benefits of Volunteering:

  • You’ll help others who are in need.
  • You’ll feel good about yourself.
  • You’ll improve the community around you and abroad.
  • You’ll have fun doing it.
  • You’ll be an agent of change.
  • You’ll make new friends.
  • You can share share a skill and learn new skills.

If you would like to help at any of our events or be a part of ShareACause, please contact us.  ShareACause depend on volunteers to help carry out humanitarian work.


During a recent visit to Luanda, one of our members, Joana, who was volunteering at a local orphanage helped to reunite a lost boy with his family.

Abraao (Abraham) would wait everyday at the orphanage gate for his mom. His mother brought him to Luanda to do a medical treatment for epilepsy 2 months ago. While in Luanda, he was playing soccer when the ball went into a neighbor’s roof. The neighbor came out threatening to hit the boys so they all ran in different directions. As Abraao did not know Luanda, he got lost and so his rough journey as a lost child started.

My family’s missionary friend from Mozambique, Marianne, happens to live in Abraao’s province (named Bie which is 12 hours away from Luanda by car). Yesterday, I contacted Marianne and sent her Abraao’s details and photo. This morning I woke up with a phone call from Abraao’s oldest brother, Elias. We found his family! I can’t express the happiness I feel right now for this AMAZING child and his family.